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  • Do your homework before the interview. Gather information on the  company (company reports, information through the Chamber of Commerce,  Internet, library, etc.) to increase your awareness of company  philosophies, operations and expansions. Be educated and knowledgeable  when the employer asks you pointed questions.
  • Arrive early  for the interview! This makes a positive first impression and  communicates your interest in the position. If you are unsure of the  company's location, find it the day before to ensure your promptness the  day of the interview.
  • Dress neat, clean and professionally.  Dress is somewhat more leisurely in the last few years, but a dress  shirt, slacks and tie for men and a skirt or blouse for women are still  appropriate, unless the position is labor intensive (welding, heavy  equipment operation, production, etc.). Consider driving to the  interview location the day before and seeing what people are wearing as  they enter the building.
  • Carry a notebook with blank paper  to the interview. Taking notes while an employer is speaking  communicates that you are an effective listener, a skill employer's hold  in the highest regard.
  • When greeting the employer, shake  hands firmly. Establish eye contact. Smile warmly, thanking him/her for  taking the time to interview you. Remember, employers hire "positive"  individuals.
  • When sitting in the employer's office, position  yourself in the chair so that you appear to be attentive and interested  in what is being said. Find a balance between leaning forward  (appearing aggressive) and slouching or leaning back (appearing lazy).
  • Employers  have different personality styles. You may be interviewed by a Type "A"  individual one day and a laid-back individual the next. Gear your  responses to the temperament of the interviewer. Fast, decisive answers  impress a Type "A" and thoughtful, slower answers impress a more relaxed  individual.
  • Continue to make eye contact during the interview, inter-mixing warmth, honesty, sincerity and a sense of humor if appropriate.
  • Communicate  experience in any of the following areas (specific skills employers are  looking for in today's job market): management; learning ability;  analysis skills; judgment; initiative; planning; emotional stability;  adaptability/flexibility; empathy; negotiation; team building;  creativity; motivation/drive; independence/self motivation and  enthusiasm.
  • Ask the interviewer questions. Examples: Who  would I be working with on a daily basis? Would you please explain the  job description in greater detail? What are the possibilities of  advancement based on performance? What are the long-term goals of the  company?
  • You may be asked what your salary requirements are  for this position. An excellent answer would be: "I am extremely  interested in this position and I am more than willing to negotiate  salary. What would your normal salary range be for this position?  Research salaries at
  • When exiting the interview, shake hands firmly, make eye contact and thank the employer again for the interview.
  • Send a thank-you letter within 24 hours to thank the employer for interviewing you and restating your interest in the position.

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